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ADD-ON cement wall primer

Turbolux ADD-ON cement wall primer is a multi-purpose wall primer. The budget-friendly product can be applied to both, the exterior and interior surfaces. It is also suitable for roof coating.

About Add-On cement wall primer

Turbolux ADD-ON cement wall primers are formulated with innovative technology, delivering excellent adhesion and high durability. Its latest pigment technology ensures extra brightness and long durability for the paint system.


  • Extra Opacity
  • Extra Brightness
  • Both Interior & Exterior


  • ADD ON Cement Wall Primer is (Water Thinnable) recommended for all cement and Gypsum walls before applying putty, distemper, plastic emulsion etc.
  • The surface should be made clean before use. In the ratio 1:1 by volume, Apply a single coat and allow to dry for 3-4 hour.

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