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To become a leading brand in paint industry and ensure further expansion holding firmly the principle of quality

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We always aim to be best by the uncompromising quality . our prime mission of attaining growth through customer satisfaction is also accompanied by continuos improvement of products & services , commitment to society , innovation , development of our people etc..

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Core Purpose: To Engrave Remarkable Experiences
Core Values: Ethics, Determination, Possibility Thinking, Continuous Learning, Empowering Others.


  • Always hold true to our value and purposes
  • Always think and act with right things
  • Always stand with and for our organizational success and progress


  • Once committed, never quit without accomplishing
  • Always take personal responsibility (TPR) to create results.
  • Never go for Justify, shame and blame(JSB)
  • Remember that it is our ethical obligation to create success for yourself, family and for our organization. Success is your duty
  • Create an experience like never before.

Possibility Thinking

  • Regardless of any situation always look for possibilities and creative innovative solution to overcome the obstacles
  • Always be a apart of solution. Never be a messenger of obstacles and problems
  • Maximize and utilize your existing resources to create success
  • Always be proactive rather than reactive
  • Spread the ideas of possible thinking with everyone you meet and insist to become a possibility thinker


  • Continuously upgrade and expand your KASHSC, K for Knowledge, A for Attitude, S for skills, H for Habit, S for Strategy and C for Creativity.
  • Do not let shame, guilt and ego to interfere your desire to gather learning from anyone, anywhere, any time. Never feel shy of asking and probing.
  • Assure self frequently ‘’Am I a better person today than I was yesterday”.
  • Masters the knowledge you have learned through continuous Implementation and rigorous practices.

Empowering Others

  • Become obsessed with building and transforming our people into the next level.
  • Help people to fulfil their potential.
  • Bring out hidden talents maximizing their existing capabilities.
  • Transform people into what they have never imagined before.
  • Our growth is defined by the empowerment and growth of our people.
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OUR History

Turbolux paints has a emerging history dating back to 2013. Founded by Mr. Raghu kuttath, we started out with a single product Paint booster. Over the years, we've grown into one of the fastest developing and most respected paint manufacturing companies in Kerala.
In the last seven year, we have been able to achieve a good position in the market with our range of products. We have a wide range of products that includes interior and exterior paints.
Our strength comes where we understand CUSTOMERS ARE KINGS. We make sure to develop the new range of products that are relevant to the market. Today, we are one of the best developing paint manufacturing companies in Kerala.

Research and development

Research and development

Turbolux Paint has its R&D facilities and organizations located collectively in its R&D Center in kerala. Our research and technology division is also centralized at the same premises together with highly qualified technical expertsand advanced laboratory equipment come together and share their insights on technological developments, to help us push the envelope year after year.

We believe in innovation that protects your infrastructure and enriches your home's beauty and healthiness. The company pioneered water-based paints that are eco-friendly paint that makes a healthy environment to your home .The company have a fully equipped lab system that are able to check the quality of paints at various parameters & with this we ensure that every batch we deliver is passed by a highly qualified and experienced Chemist to keep pace with the company’s growth and expansion.



The robust expertise and dedication helped Turbolux Paints, attract attention. We didn’t steal the limelight, overnight. Years of stout determination and dedication, make us stand out! Turbolux Paints was born in 2014, only to engrave remarkable experiences. From then on, we’ve been working hard to satisfy our customers. Not every painter can bring about a heaven-like feeling. Both the interior and exterior shades we offer can magically modify your space. Our team strives to win the heart of millions by providing a perfect and professional touch to their walls. Your paradise deserves smiling walls! Our professionalism is highlighted in the long list of satisfied clients. Walls do speak a lot, so give them the best!

Our Team

Turbolux team is very young and dynamic. The atmosphere at workplace is friendly and family-like, but ruthlessly efficient and goal oriented. Our team is strictly following the vision of the company. The company offers many cultural activities and trip to every employees. Anyone can join the company and work for the vision of the company and you will get experience in your lifestyle and work culture's


Want to know why Turbolux Paints stands out from the crowd? Take a look at our certifications.

Turbolux Paints is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.



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Create Your Dream Home With Our Paints

Good paints last for decades. We paint like a pro and value every penny you invest in us. A colourful home is always a happy one! At Turbolux Paints, your space will be lit up like none. Don’t hesitate to ask your queries! Fill in the details below and let us know what you need!